Control Systems

    Our new range of controllers HDRA CRONO, is specially designed under market guidelines and requiriments, whit an emphasis on energy saving.

    Controller consuption, at rest, limits energy sconsumtion to 32W.

     It is a lift control system formed of different electronic modules interconnected by a highly robust communications bus especially designed for the lift.

    This communications bus enables the number of cables in the lift to be independent from the number of floors and the set of modules connected to the bus, making the system hugely flexible in terms of providing creative solutions to the lift sector.

    Control system for disabled platform lift, domestic lifts (SIRIUS) and freight (CARGO), formed by one single compact controller especially designed for these applications.

    With its specialized design, a minimum set of adjustments and modular pre-installation, the KDT system can be easily mounted under any circumstances.

Other products