Lift Control System Traction Lifts

Our new range of controllers HDRA CRONO, is specially designed under market guidelines and requiriments, whit an emphasis on energy saving.

Controller consuption, at rest, limits energy sconsumtion to 32W.

EThis feature is complemented with adjustable menu options of the following parameters:

  • Adjustable time, to total or partial shutdown, of Cabin Light.
  • Adjust light level of indicator lights and installation registers.
  • Adjustment of step time, to Low Consumption, of the position indicators.

Easy adjustment of the multiple functions of the installation,through controller program.

  • Programming Console pluggable in, both, Controller or car top box.
  • Micro SD card, allows the storage the of all the elevator operations, up to the one hundredth of a second, update the Firmware and Backup and parameterization of the Controlle.
  • Connectting to a PC, through CRONO software management, allows monitoring and parameterization of the Controller. Besides that, it also allows the conversion and export of the Log file into a HTML or TXT file for statistic and error detection purposes.
  • It also allows to generate listings of installation parameters, for storage or print.

Europeans Standards, Complies with the following regulations and norms:

  • UNE-EN 12015:2005
  • UNE-EN 12016:2005 + A1:2008
  • UNE-EN 627-0:1996
  • UNE-EN 81-1:2001 + A3:2010
  • UNE-EN 81-21:2010
  • UNE-EN 81-28:2004
  • UNE-EN 81-70:2004 + A1:2005
  • UNE-EN 81-73:2005
  • Directive Lift 95/16/CE
  • UNE-EN 81-1:A3brake monitoring or governor interlocking control.

1.- Control panel
2.- Hidra CRONOControllers (CMG)
3.- Power Interface (IMV)
4.- Keypad (CPG)
5.- Hidra Bus
6.- Flat loom
7.- Cabin (pluggable installation)
8.- Car top box
9.- Cabin Interface (ICG)
10.- Cabin controller (CCG)
11.- Cabin operation panel
12.- Graphic Display (TFT)
13.- Autodialer device (SAR)
14.- Cabin operation panel Distribution circuit (MBG)
15.- Modular shaft installation
16.- Electronic floor module (MHG)
17.- Pushbuttons, light indicators, sound warning devices, etc.
18.- Plant devices
19.- Data/voice gateway (TRACK)

(2) CMG Main Controller(CPU) HIDRA CRONO. t has an input for keypad console programmer (CPG) or a PC connection.
(10) CCG Cabin plc board, cabin signals are processed and sent to CMG board. It has an input for keypad console programmer connection (CPG)
(16) MHG Floor module. Allows the connection of all the user’s signal devices (pushbuttons, warning lights, direction arrows, acoustic warning devices, displays, etc.) and safety devices (door presence, interlocking, etc.) on each floor.
(19) TRACK Voice and data digital link, enables communication with a telephone answering service without conventional telephone line.
(13) SAR Emergency module. Allows for an emergency call (car, ceiling and pit). Includes intercom system with the machine room, synthesis for car voice messages and event recording for remote monitoring
(12) TFT Graphic displays connected to the HIDRA bus, with position, direction and status information. The 3.5” and 5.6” TFT displays, generate, call acceptance and gong, sounds.
(3) IMV Frequency inverter Interfaces for traction lifts. These boards simplify the COP wiring and ease the connection of the lift components (safety series, trailing flex, etc.)
(9) ICG Car top box distribution board, for trailing flex loom connection. Eases connection of all car devices
(14) MBG COP signal distributor plate, translates, to the CPU, the actions performed in the car operation panel (COP)
(4) CPG Keypad Programming Console, pluggable to Controller in CMG or from Car in CCG.
1.-Control panel: (CMG) (IMV) Includes the main board with the lift program, the traction, or hydraulic, interface board, and the suitable power elements of the traction group
2.-GSM/GPRS device: (TRACK) Enhancement of telephone line, for voice and data transmission. Battery equipped, for EN 81-28 compliance.
3.- Machine roon wiring - Set of pre-cut and finished cables to connect the traction group (engine, brake or valve group), governor, weight device in bench, etc.
4.-Trailing flex - Interconnection between control cabinet and car top box (communications, safety series, power supply, door controllers, positioning, etc.) with 28 cables, cut in accordance with car travel, connectors at both ends.
5.-Shaft installation: Flat cables - Two flat cables (communications and safety series) pre-cut in fixed length and finished with connectors at both ends.
6.-Shaft installation : Floor module (MHG) Safety zone: connection of the safety series derivation looms (pre-locks and locks), under EN 81-1/2 requirements. User Zone: connection of the derivation looms for pushbuttons, acceptance and arrow lights, comfort tones, gongs, displays, key-switches for special operations, etc.
7.-Car installation: Car top elements - Positioning sensors, unlocking zone sensors, limit switches, brackets, etc.
8.-Inspection box: (CCG) (ICG) CCGCabin plc board, cabin signals are processed and sent to Main Controller (CMG). ICGCar top box plc board, allows for the connections between cabin and the flat loom. Connection of all car devices.
9.-Car installation: Flat cable - Interconnection between car top box (ICG) and control operation panel (MBG).
10.-Car installation: Operation panael (MBG) Displays (LED, LCD, graphic LCD 1/4VGA, interface for third-party displays), EN81-28 emergency device and voice synthesis. Push buttons, lights, single-buzzer system for the whole of the COP, directional arrows, key switches and pluggable wiring.
11.-Shaft installation: Safety series - Pit stop, derivation looms for door pre-locks and locks, etc.
12.-Shaft installation: Landing panels - Displays, pushbuttons, call acceptance (comfort) tones, two-tone arrival gong, etc.
Tractions groups Modules Norm
Machine room less (gearless) asynchronous or permanent magnet (Frequency Inverters - Fuji Electric FRENIC-Lift series or Control Techniques UNIDRIVE SP series) CMG, IMV

Controllers Modules Norm
Non-collective: ‘In use’, door open and travel direction lights on landings and car. Call acceptance lights in car. One car only. CMG
Extended non-collective: Call acceptance light on landings and in car. The control does not accept landing calls if any are accepted in. Easily converted into collective. CMG
Down, up or full collective. CMG
Up to 32 floors without restrictions. CMG, MHG
Car group (from 2 to 10 cars) without extra dispatcher, based on independent control cabinets linked with 2-wires via the MultiHIDRA CRONO bus. CMG-MMC
Dynamic re-assignment of accepted landing calls between cars in the car-group, to handle changing conditions and to minimize time and energy demands.CMG-MMG
Option of call request to a specific car within the car group. CMG, MHG
In case of a lift breaking down, the landing accepted calls are re-assigned to the other lifts in the group. CMG-MMC

Safety Modules Norm
Safety series at 48VAC with standardized isolation distances up to 110VAC. IMV, ICG, CSG EN 81-1/2
Auto-control of the main contactors and strict compliance of fault analyses. CMG EN 81-1/2
Adjustable travel time limit.CMG EN 81-1/2
Inhibition input for over-heating, ending the current travel. CMG EN 81-1/2
Inspection operation limited to the extreme speed-changes and with strict compliance of fault analyses. CMG, ICG EN 81-1/2
Manual Electric Rescue for lifts with and without machine room CMG, IDV EN 81-1
Automatic Electric Rescue for lifts without machine room CMG, IDV  
Evacuation and car parking in case of fire alarm CMG, MHG EN 81-73
Evacuation and car parking in case of fire-fighting alarm CMG, MHG EN 81-72
Emergency call from inside the car, ceiling and pit in case of entrapment, using an analogical phone line.CMG, SAR EN 81-1/2
EN 81-28
Entrapment alarm phases (start, alarm and end-of-alarm) SAR EN 81-28
Automatic test call to the answering call centre (analogical phone line) SAR EN 81-28
Intercom between car and machine room SAR EN 81-1/2
Emergency device battery monitoring SAR EN 81-28
GSM/GPRS network option to use the emergency and test calls. SAR, MK775 EN 81-28
Standard requirements of radio-electric emission and immunity (EMC) Todos EN 12015
EN 12016

Car Positioning Modules Norm
Position control via two sensors (double row of magnets with 2 per floor) and2 bi-stable sensors for extreme speed-change zones. CCG
Absolute position encoder system.Possibility of short stops anywhere in the facility. CMG, SPS
Repositioning on nearest floor following a breakdown and return of the mains voltage. CMG
Homing to the adjusted floor (with selection of maximum number of cars on the floor in case of a car group). CMG
Independent return from basement (adjustable) CMG

Doors / Car Modules Norm
Selection of doors with electrical retiring ramp or mechanical cam (adjustable) CMG
Double door (A and B) operator management with independent adjustment for each floor and several operation options (fixed or according to call, simultaneous or sequential) CMG
Adjustable number of closing attempts.CMG
Adjustable door close time.CMG
Door reopening for landing calls, always or only without direction (adjustable) CMG
Door reopening for car call. CMG
Car lighting switch off (optional) CMG, ICG

User assistance Modules Norm
Luminous and acoustic call acceptance (adjustable level) if the call can be answered. CMG, MHG, ICG, RAP EN 81-70
Next direction indication, luminous (arrows) or acoustic (2-tones gong), on arrival and on departure.CMG, MHG, ICG, LCD EN 81-70
Single acoustic call acceptance device for the whole of the panel (car and landing) RAP
Car and landing display with graphic representation of the floor number, car direction and status of the lift (inspection, evacuation, out of order, etc.) DMR, LCD Mini, TFT 3,5"/5,6 EN 81-70
Voice synthesis in car for lift messages (floor, opening/closing doors, etc.) or for emergency communication if passengers get trapped in the car. CMG, SAR EN 81-70
Call dispatcher adjustable for service optimization in car groups (from 2 to 10), balancing waiting time and energy demand CMG-MHG
Special priority operation in the car (car control/VIP keyswitch) CMG, ICG
Service cancellation on particular floors, either on a permanent basis (database) or via a remote console. Useful for car groups in irregular buildings. CMG
Waiting time adjustable between stops. CMG, ICG
Automatic car call cancellation in case of inactivity in the curtain or in the pre-locks (adjustable) CMG, ICG
Cancellation of landing calls when entering inspection mode .CMG, MHG
Smooth and comfortable rides in controllers with frequency inverters. UNIDRIVE SP

Easiness for the installation or maintenance company Modules Norm
Several configuration options for installations with machine room or machine rooms less (control cabinet at landing - 2 types - or integrated in the door frame), geared or gearless (MRL only) CMG, IMV  
Trailing flex cable with 28 wires, independent of the number of floors. IMV, ICG
Inspection box with pluggable cables for all the car top box and operation panel elements. ICG,MBG
Modular shaft wiring with just two flat cables pre-cut to size and ended with connectors. MHG
Electronic floor modules, each floor, for the safety series and landing user devices (pushbuttons, lights, displays, gongs and buzzers, etc.) MHG
Various stress patterns to test the installation, opening, or not, doors at each trip and calls from the control cabinet. CMG
Information on the current status of the elevator, historical record of events (Several years) CMG
Remote monitoring of events (event, date and time). Possibility of initiating an event dumping auto-call when a particular event occurs (adjust)CMG, SAR EN 627
Remote control with possibility of modifying lift adjustments, resetting, consulting internal log records, provoking calls and checking lift operation. CMG, SAR,
All adjustments of the control board are protected by a user-modifiable PIN code – 4 different access codes. CMG
Same main control and interface boards for traction lifts. CMG, IMV
Interface for display and voice units of third-party manufacturers. CMG, BCD
Special controls with additional inputs and outputs, on demand and according to client requirements. Incorporation of special requirements into the lift control software. CMG, MHG
Menu Access to 5 users with different access level for the Administrator user adjustable. CMG
Operation Code programmed by the customer (without keypad or locks on COP), that allows, after inserting a 4 digit code on the COP, for the car to be sent to any plant/door by. CMG
HIDRA CRONO can adopt several configurations according with building and end-user requirements:
  Machine Room Machine Room Less
Traction VVF
C MR The controller cabinet includes control and power elements (contactors, VVVF, etc.) in a conventional wall-mounted cabinet.
C MRL The controller cabinet includes control and power elements, to be fitted on a landing.
C MRL-S Small controller cabinet in a landing (control and rescue elements) and a power-elements cabinet to be fitted in the lift shaft.
C MRL-F Control panel for assembly in a landing doorframe – 120/150mm, and power-elements cabinet to be fitted in the lift shaft.

It is a pre-wiring particularly suitable for lifts that have to meet EN81-70 requirements, although due to the reduced installation and starting-up time, it is also suitable for lifts without this requirement.

  • Trailing flex length depending on order and ended with connectors at both extremes.
  • Cables for ceiling devices, ended with connectors and terminals.
  • Fully wired inspection box.
  • Interconnection with the operation panel using flat cables colour-distinguished.
  • Distribution boards for the panel and fully pluggable tap cables for all elements.
  • The whole set is automatically verified in factory.
  • Floor modules with tap cables for all elements (series and user signalling)
  • Interconnection between floors using two flat cables (serial bus and safety series), colour-distinguished
  • All connectors easily identifiable in the same floor module.
  • Activity indicators in the floor module.
  • The whole set is automatically verified in factory.